The Best Asthma Treatment Ayurveda in Nagpur

Difficulty in breathing” called as Shwas Roga. The symptoms of Tamak Shwas is similar to bronchial asthama. There are number of reasons  for shwas roga.


The common Causes are:

  1. Kulaj-: family history.
  2.  Vata propak(vitiating) aahar (diet) vihar(activities)Excessive intake of Ruksha(dry),guru(heavy) diet,
  3. Excessive consumption of heavy oily food
  4.   exposure to dust,smoke and cold air ,living in cold areas,. Kapha prakopak(vitiating) Aahar(diet) Vihar(activities)
    abhishandi(kapha producing)ahar like curd,jaggary,urad
  5. Over consumption of cold water and frozen foods.Internal reasons
    Suppression of urges,
  6. respiratory tract disease,lung disorder External reasons
    Injury to throat,smoking

Types of Asthma



Maha, Urdhva, Chinna, Tamaka & Kshudra.It is divided in to 5 types.



Apathyakar ahar vihar causes vitiation of prana vayu.This vitiated Pranvayu combines with deranged kapha dosha in the lungs. Which causes the obstruction of  pranavaha srotasa(respiratory tract). This results in difficulty in breathing and respiratory distress. This condition is called Swasa roga which is cure by Asthma Treatment Ayurveda in Nagpur



Cough (with or without expectoration), flatulence, constipation, discomfort in chest, are some common prodromal symtoms.


  •       Dyspnoea (aggravated in lying position and relived in sitting position), momentary comfort   after expectoration
  •   Cough with cracking sound /with or without expectoration; running nose,
  •   Loss of taste, appetite
  •   Perspiration on forehead, dry mouth, desire for hot comforts, darkness in front of eyes.
  •   Fever, generalised fatigue, delusion

The condition gets worsened in rainy season, windy and cloudy atmosphere. On the contrary the patients feel fresh on bright sunny day.

Urdhava Swasa

Prolonged upward breathings (expiration) but difficult respiration

Obstructed movement of vata

An upward gaze

Rolling eye balls

Terrified look

Severe pain as though his vital organs are being cut

Speech choked

Chinna Swasa

Patient breathes with interruptions

Cutting pain in the vital organs




Burning sensation

Obstruction in the urinary bladder

Eyes are unsteady ( full of tears)

Delusion (or coma)

One eye is angry – (red in colour)

Dryness of mouth

Irrelevant talks

Feeling of helplessness (inability to do anything)

Loss of chhaya (complexion)
Loss of conciousness


Tamaka Swasa

Pain in head, neck, chest & flanks, cough accompanied with cracking sound


Loss of taste, appetite

Running nose

Thirst, Forceful bouts of respiration

Feeling of going into darkness (i.e.losing conciouseness of the surrounding) momentary comfort after expectoration

Inability to breathe on lying

Comfortable on sitting

Eyes wide open

Perspiration on forehead

Dry mouth

Desire for hot comforts

Kshruda Swasa
 Maruta (Vata) on being aggravated by exertion & overeating, produces Kshudra Shwasa which subsides by itself (without any medication) i.e. heavy breathing on exertion, passes of soon by rest & is thus not very troublesome.

Treatment of Shwas Roga


Vata kaphanashak diet is advisiable

Shaman Chikitsa-
Commonly used drugs

o Shatayadi Choorna

o Haridradi Choorna

o Shrungyadi Choorna

o Talisadi choorna

o Pippaladya Lauha

o Mahaswasari lauha

o Lauha bhasam

Rasa Kalpa
o Shwas Kuthar

o Shwas Kaasa Chintamani Rasa

o Swarnavasant Malati

o Shankh bhasam

o Tamar bhasam

o Raupya bhasam

o Shring bhasam

o Swaran bhasam

o Moti bhasam

Aasav and Arisht
o Kanakasav

o Vasarishat

o Daraksharishat

o Tejovatyadya Ghrita


.Agasthya rasayan



  1. Snehapan-:Internal intake of medicated ghee or oil .This ghee or oil should be given in increasing oder for 7 days.
  2. Ghee like vasa ghrita, kantkari ghrita, bharngyadi ghrita, yashtimadhu ghrita etc are used for shodhan purpose.
  3. Swedan-: Chest massage should be done gentally with lukewarm til tail.Saindhav lavan should be applied over chest fomentation given  by vapours of dashmoola decoction. It relives   bronchospasm.
  4. Vaman-: vaman is best for kaphagat rogas.
  5. It reduces recurrent bronchial attak
  6. Virechan-:it is best remedy for Pitta kaphagat rogas.
  7. Basti-:Enema by medicated oil.mahanarayan taila, yashtimadhu taila etc are administered through anal route. This helps in reducing the severity of attacks.


Rasayan chikitsa-

Avoid recurrency of disease.

Rasayana like-Vardhaman pippali,Chaushast Pippali should use for this purpose.