Various Ways To Get Through To Your Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment in Nagpur

Psoriasis Treatment in Nagpur – Psoriasis is an inflammatory dermatological condition that affects people aged between 15 and 40. Non-infectious, the condition causes the skin to develop rusty plaques in the affected areas. Silvery scales appear on top of the erythematous inflammations that itch severely.


The real cause behind the condition is clinically unknown. The condition is said to have 15% morbidity in case either of the parents are or were affected by it. Should it be a case in which both the parents had psoriasis at some point, the probability of the children having it rises to 50%.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis in Nagpur

In Ayurveda, there are some very effective treatments of Psoriasis. Panchakarma method is used to flush the body’s toxins that are the predominant causes of all dermatological disorders.


The Psoriasis treatment in Nagpur mostly follows a schedule which splits it up into different phases. In the first stage, patients are put under a course of medicated ghee. In most cases, this doesn’t exceed 5 to 7 days. Following this, detoxification is carried out to cleanse the system from toxic contents. This stage consists of two processes, Vamana and Virechana. The doctors recommend using medicated buttermilk for the head and a paste of muds and medicines for the body.

Following this, the doctors prescribe medicated enemas to be used during a run of 8 long days.


While on Ayurvedic Psoriasis treatment in Nagpur, the patients need to follow certain dietary restrictions. One can benefit from the treatments best if they refrain from the intake of non-vegetarian food during the course. Salted things, chilies, yogurt and black grams must be avoided for as long as the treatment continues. Try not to have frozen food during this time. Also, Ayurvedic medicines work best when the body and mind are in unison. So, you need to be mentally still to reap the best results of the medication.