Understanding Mind and Psychological Disorders

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Mental illnesses are brain and mental conditions that affects the functioning of a person’s thinking, mood, ability, sentiments and daily activities. These conditions often occur in a reduced capacity of coping with the daily and necessary demands of life.




The most common symptoms of mental illness are associated with improper functioning of the brain. The symptoms include

  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced thinking ability
  • Reduced efficiency in work performance

Individuals suffering from mental illness often become hopeless, helpless and worthless in their thoughts, their words and even in their deeds.




Mental illness treatment greatly depends on the types of mental illness the person is suffering from. The most common treatments are counseling, behavioral therapies, and of course, the Ayurvedic remedies for mental illness.

The most known types of mental disorders and illness are organic brain disorders, mood change and anxiety, personality disorder and psychotic disorders. Organic brain disorders are directly associated with the brain diseases. These disorders result in confusion, anxiety, anger, and delusion.

Organic disorders can be degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, trauma-induced or drug and alcohol intoxication.

Then, there is mood changes and anxiety. Some of the common symptoms associated with such kind of mental disorders are depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, panic disorders and bipolar affective disorder. The most common causes of such disorders are traumatic events, genetic reasons and congenital causes that lead to a total disability of the brain to function normally.




Personality disorders are characterized by poor coping skills. Such disorders occur when an individual is unable to cope up with the hard aspects of life and fail to win challenges. These disorders make an individual totally blunt and inhuman to other individuals. The symptoms of these disorders stay for a period and then gradually gets diminished.

Personality disorders are further categorized into odd unusual behavior, anxious fearful and dramatic or erratic behavior including antisocial personality, histrionic personality and narcissistic personality. 

The last type of mental illness is the psychotic disorders that severely affect the brain and the thinking process of an individual. The individual suffering from these disorders often shows signs of impaired judgments and irrational thinking. Delusions and hallucinations are the other associated symptoms that actually disrupt the proper functioning of the brain activities.

Strange behaviors, dangerous activities, lack of personal hygiene, reduced efficiency, decreased interest in doing things, extreme mood swings, relationship[s difficulties and slow movements are also some of the symptoms of psychotic disorders.




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