The Secret Of Uro Basti Ayurvedic Treatment


Uro Basti is also called as ‘Hridaya Basti’. The medicated oil is retained on the chest wall which gives a positive influence on the heart chakra which in turn has a beneficial effect on the mind and gives strengthening effect to the heart muscle. This therapy nourishes, strengthens, balances heart function and rejuvenates the heart through Hridayamarma.

This is a variety of snigdhasveda where in heat is applied to the painful anterior chest by retaining warm mediated oil with in a specially formed frame on this area. This basti is indicated in painful conditions of anterior chest, like costochondritis and the prescription of medicated oil for the therapy is similar to the katibasti.


For treating, the client is made to lie down in supine position. The chest is exposed. A frame of black gram paste is made around the affected area. The junction between the frame and the skin is sealed to make it leak proof. Warm medicated oil is poured into this frame. Thumb is then dipped in oil and the anterior of the chest is treated with massage by moving the thumb in circular fashion. This warm oil heats the affected area inducing perspiration. This is followed by massage and fomentation to this part of the body. This is the procedure of urobasti and is similar to the procedure of katibasti.Parijatak performs authentic Kerala Panchkarma therapy for curing various ailments.